Welcome to Digital Communication!

This course introduces students to the fundamental concepts of digital communication. Students will produce content across multiple digital platforms in the form of blogs, digital photographs, podcasts and videos.

digital communication imageThis course exposes students to the knowledge, skills, and competencies required for participating as ethical citizens in a democratic society.

This website serves as a resource for students to use when producing their digital content. Handouts, helpful links, tutorials can be found for each main project [Podcast | Digital Slideshow | Video | Website].

Developing Multiple Literacies

The course seeks to help students acquire multiliteracies, the literacies required today.

Some of these literacies are described include:

  • Technological literacy refers to the skills needed to adequately use digital technologies.
  • Visual literacy, the oldest form of literacy, dates back to interpreting cave drawing and has evolved to competently decoding and comprehending visual codes and encoding images in multimedia contexts.
  • Media literacy refers to the necessary skills to access, evaluate, and create messages in written and oral language, graphics and moving images, and audio and music. In addition, media literacy requires the composer of multiple

    Multiliteracies required in a Digital Age

    texts to select graphics, moving images, narration, and music that complement the multimedia project. Media literacy also recognizes the role of media in a society and the skills of inquiry and self expression necessary for citizens in a democratic society.

  • Information literacy is the ability to find, evaluate, analyze, and synthesize information. The development of the World Wide Web dramatically changed the availability, method, depth, quantity, and sometimes quality of accessible information; consequently, the Internet has initiated critical reading skills not typically required in traditional texts.

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